Pearl Drill

Pearl Drill

* Precision drilling of all types of pearls, amber, copper, silver, gold, coral and other gemstones.
* Akoya pearls, Freshwater pearls, South sea & Tahitian pearls, coin pearls, stick pearls.
* Includes 9 drill bits for round shape, olive shape and irregular shapes or special shapes in pearls
* Bit size range from 0.6mm-1.2mm with adjustable depth
* Equipped with pedal switch-controlled motor, easy and highly efficient.

Product Description
The Professional Precision Pearl and Gemstone Drilling Machine comes with the following features:

This machine can be used for accurate drilling on such precious gems as pearl, coral, amber and ornaments components such as gold, silver and copper.
This machine is equipped with 9 sets of special bits, which maybe used on pearls with round shape, olive shape and irregular shapes or special shapes.
Can drill a hole in pearls of various specifications from3-25mm (including fresh water pearl, seawater pearl, South Sea pearl, Tahitian pearl ,Pearl shell, coral and amber etc).
Fitted with 0.6-1.2mm special steel drilling needle for drilling pearls.

More information on pearl drill here.

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