Pearl Fit for a Queen

Pearl Fit for a Queen

A PEARL grown amongst the crocs in the wilds of Escape River has found a new home in Buckingham Palace.

The gem-grade pearl from Torres Pearls was presented to Queen Elizabeth II by Premier Anna Bligh's office during the Queen's recent four-hour visit to the state.

Rusty and Bronwyn Tully from Torres Pearls said they were "really stoked" the Premier had chosen their locally grown pearl as the only gift to be presented to Her Majesty on behalf of the people of Queensland.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II Arrives Back at Buckingham Palace in Her State Coach

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II Arrives Back at Buckingham Palace in Her State Coach

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"I chose one of our beautiful, oval drop-shaped pearl from the harvest here at Escape River and sent it down to Brisbane."

"It measures 10.8mm by 11.07mm, and is rated gem-grade because of the quality and density of the nacre," he said.

Rusty said the pearl was taken from their first harvest on Escape River, on the west coast of the Cape south of Bamaga, in August.

"When we were doing our harvest we were not under the impression that one of our pearls would end up being owned by the Queen of England," Rusty said.

See photo of the pearl fit for a queen.

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