Pearl Found in Grilled Oysters

My brother and I picked up 8 live oysters at the grocery store as an appetizer for our most recent BBQ. We ate 4 raw and put the last 4 on the grill. He bit into one of the ones that came off of the grill and thought that he had gotten a piece of shell or sand, but after looking closer realized it was a small pearl, partially covered in a black crust type of stuff. The pearl measures between 1/16th and 1/8th of an inch across. It was a cool find....

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May 31, 2011
Congratulations on finding a pearl!
by: Kari

Congratulations on finding a pearl...and in an unlikely place...your grilled oysters.

I am not in the habit of eating oysters and clams, but all these stories of finding pearls really makes me consider starting the habit.

It would be thrilling again to find a pearl as I did once many years ago. It was a small misshapen pearl but very white and precious. But I guess it wasn't precious enough to me at the time because I did not take care to save it in a special place and cannot find it now.

I hope you cherish your pearl and enjoy it as a wonderful keepsake...natural pearls are special.

God bless!

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