Pearl Gagging

by Lisa Hurt

A simple early afternoon I was eating lunch at an seafood place enjoying my fried oysters and shrimp until I took another bite of one particular oyster and I begin to gag because I thought the restaurant I bought my shrimp and oyster cooked something else not belonging in their oyster. Gaging not wanting to see what it was disturbed me for a moment. Spitting into a napkin I discovered a priceless treasure a small round smoothly shape pearl.Yes I think it was worth the GAG.

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May 31, 2011
Yes, worth the pearl gag!
by: Kari

Hello Lisa,

Yes, I think your pearl was certainly worth gagging over! I'm glad you did not swallow it and glad you see it as a treasure, which it is.

All pearls are special and natural pearls the most special of all!

I hope you have found a way to either wear it or display it so you can share your joy over and over again with those who see it.

It would be great to see a photo but we can use our imaginations too and picture a lovely round pearl.

Thanks for sharing. I love hearing these fun stories.

God bless!

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