Pearl Gift of Love

by Mary Policastro

Engagement Day
Pearl Gift on Engagement Day

I have a pearl gift that my father bought for my mother as a wedding gift back in 1947. Unfortunately the string broke a few years ago.

My daughter is going to get engaged on her birthday (July 30) but she doesn't know it yet. The wonderful young man asked my husband's permission at the beginning of this month, but wants to keep her in suspense.

She doesn't want to have the wedding until her brother returns from Baghdad with his unit next June, so she knows there is time for the engagement:)

You can understand my excitement and the urgency to get the pearls ready to give her as an engagement gift.

We are in the ministry and stewardship of limited funds are important. My husband even consented to come with me to Micheals (he can only take crafty places for so long before seeking Home Depot) to see if I could restring the pearls myself. I bought a package of clasps and a package of silk and needles.

I had no confidence to restring them until I found your website.

I am sitting at the table, listening to Micheal Card sing God's praises, praying over each 103 of her pearls, and remembering my mom who passed in 1999.

I pray my daughter can be restringing these pearls for her daughter someday.

Thank you for a wonderful website that shares freely of your knowledge and the love of Christ.

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