PEARL in a scallop at an Italian restaurant in NJ

by Miss Duke
(Central NJ)

 PEARL in a scallop at an Italian restaurant in NJ

PEARL in a scallop at an Italian restaurant in NJ

You said you wanted all the juicy details, so here it goes. So this guy I have a crush on gave me a nice bottle of prosecco for my birthday. Well today my bestie and I enjoyed said bottle for lunch, along with some chocolates and strawberries as per my crush's professional recommendation. After our (not too substantial) lunch we decided we were hankering for some real yummy noms and decided to go to the restaurant where he works. I wore a sundress with a high bun and red lips. He was dashing as per usu and greeted us with hugs and sat us at the nicest table on the patio. Yada, yada, yada I ordered the shrimp and scallop appetizer in a brown butter sage sauce. It was delicious, I was loving my day already and THEN I bit down on a foreign object in one of my scallops.. And it was a beautiful PEARL! I LOVE PEARLS!! I was even wearing pearls when I found it! So naturally, I asked to speak with the manager (my crush) and reported my find. He asked if I wanted another dish to replace it and I said only if there were diamonds in the rib eye. Needless to say I'm super thrilled and can't wait to have it examined by an expert. They told me the scallop was wild caught off the coast of Massachusetts. Here's a pic.

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May 21, 2018
Yes, I love juicy details!
by: Kari

Hello Miss Duke,

Thanks for the juicy details!

I love it. Wow, you really did have a special day!

And a keepsake to boot.

Thank you for sharing!

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