Pearl of Great Price - the Parable

Pearl of Great Price - the Parable

Matthew 13:45-46 speaks of a pearl of great price. What does this parable mean? Who is the merchant? Who does the pearl represent? Parables are given to those who don’t know God as a cloaking device to hide their meaning, but for those who are Christ’s own, they reveal a hidden treasure of knowledge about the believer.

The Merchant

The Merchant appears to be Jesus Himself. He seeks these fine pearls (John 6:44) and is willing to sell all that He has to purchase them (John 3:16). Jesus gave His life for those who He saves. The cross signifies the highest price that He could pay: His own life. He sold all that He had.

The Fine Pearls

The fine pearls are those Who Jesus saves. We are of such infinite value to Him that He preordained our eternal salvation and secured the way with His own life. A pearl is the only fine gem that is formed by a living organism. And this one that was dead, and now alive, was living and then dying for us. No other precious stone is formed from a living organism.

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