Pearl Themed Spa in Seychelles

Pearl Themed Spa in Seychelles

The sublime new spa at Raffles Praslin adopts the ‘pearl’ theme to symbolize the wellness philosophy of transformation, just as the precious gemstone transforms from a grain of sand in a pearl oyster.

Seychelles, Indian Ocean, Africa

Seychelles, Indian Ocean, Africa

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Elegant, iridescent, mother-of pearl shell décor is featured throughout, the spa - an expression of the philosophy of transformation as well as the Seychelles’ reputation for producing exquisite pearls. Its signature treatment, ‘Pure Pearl’, uses crushed pearls as its exfoliating agent for a luxurious transformation experience. Therapeutic grade pearl powder is blended with soothing tropical essences of organic ylang ylang and bergamot to exfoliate the skin.

As Spa Director Nik Pappas explains, “The pearl, a gift from the sea, has a rarity and magic that allows it to calm the spirit, open the heart chakra, stabilize emotions and rejuvenate the skin to a lustrous smooth appearance.” Raffles Spa at Praslin is in one of the most exclusive settings in the Seychelles, close to a natural treasure, the Vallée de Mai UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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