Pearl Wedding
30th Anniversary Ideas

Your 30th Pearl Wedding Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with pearls and this site provides you with lots of inspiration for a fantastic pearl gift but how can you organize a pearl themed anniversary party?

White Pearls Periwinkle

1. First set the theme with a pearl inspired invitation, using clipart find a great picture of pearls or alternatively use pearl colored card and cut to look like a pearl or even an oyster shell made of card which when you open has the invitation inside. You can even dress as a Pearly King and Queen on the front cover as a fun invitation.

2. To decorate the room balloons work really well with this theme, choose the right color balloon and they can look like giant pearls floating in the room. You can have them in clusters attached to tables or from the ground.

3. For pearl inspired flowers choose flowers by their color rather than their name as these can end up being all sorts of colors.

4. For a pearl favor these little baby bracelets from here would work beautifully at each ladies place setting.

Baby Bracelets

Have a beautiful wedding anniversary.

Suzanne Daykin is the editor of Anniversary Gifts By Year your complete guide to finding the perfect gift and organizing a great anniversary party.

Learn more about the meaning of pearls after pearl wedding anniversary ideas.

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