Pearls are Man's Best Friend

Traditionally jewellery has played a muted role in men’s fashion; however, change is in the air.

When it comes to jewellery, men are wearing increasingly more striking pieces, including Baroque earrings, ornate brooches, diamonds and gemstones - and more recently, pearls.

Pearls have a fascinating history. For example, few people are aware that Roman emperor Julius Caesar decreed that pearls could only be worn by members of the ruling class.

In Ancient Rome, pearls were viewed as more valuable than diamonds, and were adored as a representation of wealth and power.

“The history of men in pearl necklaces can be traced to the early 16th century, during the Mughal Empire in India, when long strands could be seen on the emperor Babur and his male descendants,” he explains.

“In Europe, Henry VIII wore clothes embroidered with them during his reign as the king of England in the first half of the 1500s. A mourning costume presented to Captain Cook in 1774 during one of his voyages to Tahiti featured a mask and breastplate made of mother-of-pearl.”

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