Pearls Catalog by Hubert Bari & David Lam

Large Tridacna Gigas Pearl with Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Large Tridacna Gigas Pearl with Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Pearls Catalog released...

DOHA: Qatar Museums Authority has released a special catalogue titled “Pearls” to complement the ongoing temporary exhibition taking place at the Museum of Islamic Art.

The authors of the new catalogue, Hubert Bari and David Lam offer an unprecedented account of the formation, cultivation and boundless creativity of pearls.

The catalogue contains spectacular photos of pearls along with the shells that created them. The catalogue is available in three languages-English, Arabic and French.

Through unparalleled research , the catalogue dispels the age old myths surrounding pearls with the aim of shedding light on simple truths: such as the not-so-glamorous fact that pearls are not formed around a grain of sand, but instead, as a result of the intrusion of larvae from the common tapeworm!

“Pearls” catalogue provides fascinating answers to a wealth of questions. It explains that all shells can produce pearls — not just oysters; the difference between pearls and mother-of-pearl; that Mikimoto did not himself discover how to cultivate the perfect pearl; that the ancient Egyptians did not collect pearls; and that the Mesopotamians used mother-of-pearl in their art discarding any natural pearls they found.

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