Pearls of Aphrodite

Pearls of Aphrodite

The luxury product, also known as ‘pearls of Aphrodite’ due to its circular shape and pearly colour, comes from the eggs of a type of snail, native to Latin America.

Now however, the company Blas Hervias in Puerto Real is breeding snails in various parts of northern Spain and France to supply the new product.

According to the company, its scent and flavour “will make you discover new and rich experiences through your palate”.

Apart from the colour, white caviar differs from the better known sturgeon caviar as its eggs are bigger.

A spokesman explained: “If the sturgeon caviar tastes like the sea, the white caviar is a journey through the mountains, autumn leaves”.

The company has high hopes for the gourmet product, expecting to distribute 300 kilos of the caviar abroad in the first year.

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