Pearls on Fingernails

Pearls on fingernails

Today I am wearing Vert Imaginaire from Nina Ricci, a sage green with strong gold shimmer. Rainbow micro glitter is blended in the grey green base. This shade has a slight taupe cast in certain lights. The color is like a designer took a pair of khakis and made them luxurious.

I stamped the eyelet ruffles from Konad plate M79 in yellow special polish. I added pearl detail at the top of the lace. I remember wearing spring dresses as a child that had eyelet at the hems. Having my nails embellished with pearls and eyelet lace feels like memories of dressing up. My nails echo the palette of the cherry trees in bloom. All of Nature is bringing out it's finery.

See photos of pearls on fingernails and read more.

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