Pearls with Audible Messages

Momento Pearl

Momento Pearl

The product is made by Galatea: Jewelry by Artist, a company based in California, and the pearls sell for about $350 and up, Vondrell said.

“This is where the future of jewelry begins,” said inventor and Galatea founder Chi Huynh, in a statement. “A person can ‘live’ in this pearl forever, as it holds the voice and memories of a loved one.”

People can also add messages over time, while still preserving previous ones, Vondrell said. Messages are added using a phone application, currently only available on Droid phones, but iPhones are expected to soon be compatible, too.

Vons is the “only jeweler in the neighborhood” to carry the pearl, he said, and plans to get more technological products in soon.

“What we enjoy and we look for that’s our specialty, that’s what people look to us for is to have the unusual in jewelry,”

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