Photos of Cultured Conch Pearls

Photos of Cultured Conch Pearls

We've read about them, click on link below to see photo so the cultured conch pearls.

They are some of the most beautiful gems in the world. They're pearls produced by a queen conch, and are now being cultured right here in our area.

Researchers have created a technique to make pearls in queen conchs in a lab at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Fort Pierce.

Harbor Branch executive Megan Davis and a former co-worker are now patenting their technique and have formed a company called Rose Pearl.

She says the pearls are absolutely gorgeous and come in an assortment of colors. "What's unique about a conch pearl is its iridescent quality, almost like an opal, and that's what makes a conch pearl so unique," said Davis.

See photos of cultured conch pearls

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