Possible pearl from New Smyrna Beach, FL?

by Victoria
(New Smyrna Beach, FL)

I am on vacation with my mom in Florida. We went to New Smyrna Beach today, which usually does not have hardly any shells on it. But, due to recent storms, the water is very churned up, and there are many small shells on the shore. My mom and I were walking along collecting sea shells today when I stumbled upon this misshapen little thing that I think might be a pearl? I don't know what else it could be. I know pearls are commonly irregular in shape, but this one is super funky. It has some bumps on the surface, and there are a couple tiny holes in it. Could you tell me if it is indeed a pearl?

Thanks so much!


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Jul 25, 2018
I would say...
by: Kari

Hello Victoria,

I would say that looking at the photos, it is most likely a pearl.

It has the luster and appearance of a pearl, at least to me via the photographs.

I suggest showing it to local jewelers who could see it with their eyes and be able to tell you more accurately.

Or, if you really want to know for absolute surety, send it to a reliable lab.

If it is, congratulations!

In any case, it is lovely!

God bless, Kari

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