Preserving Kuwait Pearl Diving History

Preserving Kuwait Pearl Diving History

In his three-volume book ‘The History of Pearl Diving in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf’ published in 1974, Al-Shamlan focused on the most important stage in the history of Kuwait. He painstakingly presented facts on each aspect of pearl diving and seafaring, including the names of pearl merchants, captains of dhows (old ships), diving law, types of ships and their owners. He also appeared in a television program ‘Pages in Kuwait History’ in 1996, during which he interviewed a number of renowned personalities, who have greatly contributed in shaping the nation’s history.

Kuwait City Water Towers on Seafront, Kuwait, Kuwait

Kuwait City Water Towers on Seafront, Kuwait, Kuwait

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Al-Shamlan played a vital role in documenting and preserving our heritage. He exerted tremendous efforts to stop the demolition of the old diwaniyas along the Gulf Street in Sharq when the concerned authorities tried to tear down everything. At that time, he called on the late Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah to preserve the historical structures in the country.
The historian used all the money he inherited to establish the Al-Shamlan Museum that opened in March 1972 to showcase many historical objects related to pearl diving and seafaring. The museum later became a famous tourist destination in Kuwait.

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