Promoting Your Pearls

Tips for promoting your pearls via free advertising on social sites. We are partners in selling natural pearls. I couldn't do it without you and I am glad to offer my site to help you to sell your natural pearls. Together, we can all make a strong team!

1. Open up a Facebook account and post photos and links to the sale pages for your pearls (and others) so your friends can see them and show their friends.

Go to your pearl page on my site.

Copy and paste best photo on your desktop.

Copy URL of page.

Upload photo onto FaceBook page.

Add a blurb about your pearl and paste link to sale page.

2. Join my FaceBook fan page and "like" or "comment" when I post natural pearls for sale. You can even add a link in the comments to your pages!

Posting other people's pages too will help us all become a stronger team for natural pearls. Bless and be blessed!

3. Open up a Twitter account and post links to your sale pages on Twitter.

4.Follow me (Karipearls on Twitter) and retweet my posts about natural pearls. Posting and promoting other's pages too will help us all become a stronger team for natural pearls. Bless and be blessed!

5. Open up a Pinterest account and post your pearl photos. It's good to have a variety of other things as well instead of being strictly self-promoting. Freely repin other things you like. It's a growing friendly community that loves sharing. Again, bless and be blessed!

6. Follow Karipearls on Pinterest. I am there for you! I am working hard to promote your natural pearls there. You can help by following and repinning especially when I post natural pearls.

7. Every page that sells an individual pearl has a option for comments. Feel free to comment on your pearl and ask your friends to comment. It doesn't have to be long or fancy, but any comments will create a "buzz" for your pearl! Please do not include your phone number or email in comments.

Those are a few quick and easy ways for promoting your pearls for free. You may find them to be addicting, especially Pinterest! I wish my website was a fun as Pinterest. If you have ideas for making a more fun place to hang out, I'm open!

Together we can make a strong team, sell lots of natural pearls and put natural pearls back in an honorable place where they belong.

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