Pub 199 in NJ the "pearl that went for a whirl" and back!

by Vince
(Landing ,NJ,USA)

We were having dinner at Pub 199 in NJ . My daughter culd not finish her crab legs and so I eat them.(dad)...I hate waste. As i was eatin it i felt a hard peice in my mouth and looked at it and it appeared to be a pearl. We all had our opinions about it and so we took it home to find out if it is a pearl. As we were traveling home I asked if my son had the pearl he said he left it on the table at the house. My wife had said she cleaned the table and may have thrown it away. The next morning I got up and called my neighbor to take the top bag off the garbage can. Luckily the garbage guys were running late. That night my son was reading about the pearls and said that it was worth 200,000 dollars....( he is 11 an does not know what that kind of money is) . A few weeks later we were finally able to get back to the lake and we looked through the bag and YES we found the pearl and very excited. I had called my jewerly person who will determine if it is truely a pearl and make a necklace for my duaghter. The moral of the story is that if you find something you want to keep dont give it to anyone. It is your responsibilllty not anyone elses..................

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Jul 03, 2013
Lucky Pearl
by: Chris Rogers

How wonderful that you were able to salvage your treasure from the sea!! It's a good lesson to learn, to take care of your own things but I'm so glad that you had your neighbor around to help out. Congratulations on your find!!

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