Purple Clam Pearls

by James Wulforst
(Long Island, New York)

Purple Clam Pearls Mounted as Jewelry

Purple Clam Pearls Mounted as Jewelry

My name is James and I have been a bayman for 39 years. Throughout my years I have found several clam pearls. Almost always in a clam that has a bent lip, or has been previously broken and healed itself.

My best finds were 2 gorgeous purple pearls. Unfortunately I lost one in Massachusetts.

I have been clamming in Huntington Bay on Long Island and that is where I have found all of my pearls.

In total I have found a dozen clam pearls, of which only 6 were suitable to have mounted into jewelry.

I would like to think I have some job security if people think they can get pearls out of clams then maybe they will keep buying them!

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Apr 18, 2010
Micco seafood
by: Beth

I was at a seafood party in Melbourne fl., and found a grayish/ purple pearl, approx. 3-4mm in a clam. Gave it to the host, who promised to make an earing out of it.

Jul 16, 2009
found one
by: Anonymous

Last night we were at friends having clams......I was chewing one and I bite something hard and round.......I pulled it from my mouth and there was a pearl with alittle purle spot.....couldn't beleive my eyes!@

Jul 30, 2008
Yes, job security...
by: Kari

James, thanks for sharing about finding purple clam pearls. I think it's great that you had the nicest ones mounted as pendants. Natural pearls are rare and being able to enjoy and display them is extra nice.

And I think you are right, if folks keep finding natural pearls, they'll keep buying clams, not just for good eating, but for the chance of discovering a special keepsake pearl.

God bless.

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