Quahog Pearl 11 X 7 mm 7 carats

by JS

quahog pearl top view

quahog pearl top view

Type of pearl: Quahog Natural Origin Natural Color

Carat Weight: 7.46 carats

Shape: Button Flat Bottom

Size: 11.2 X 7.7mm

Color: Lt. Lavender, Med.Lavender circle around a Lt. Lavender Eye (Natural Color)

Location of Origin: Cape May County, NJ

Unique Features: Very smooth with Eye effect

My father was born in 1917 in Cape May County, NJ. He had a small wooden row boat with small motor and waded his clams in the back waters that we called "the sounds" off of Wildwood and Cape May, NJ. I can remember my mother sewing flannel booties for my dad to wear when he waded the clams. I went with him as a small child and can recall him jumping overboard in water at times over his waist. He would pick up the clams with his feet. The quahog pearl that is now for sale here was found by my father over 55 yrs ago. It was not cooked and was found as he was shucking clams for my mother to make her special "clam pie". My mother was amazed at the coloring and the beautiful eye effect in this particular pearl and it was stored and given to me over 50 yrs ago. I have kept it in a velvet lined jewelry box, it has never been exposed to light or wear of any kind. My father and one of my uncles clammed for a living for many years, their older uncle would buy many of the clams from them for resale. I can still picture his small garage type warehouse with large burlap bags of clams in it. It basically was a family type business from the time they were found until the time they were sold to local buyers, some being restaurants. I can still picture my dad making the clam knives that he opened his clams with, they had the appearance of a putty knife only the blade was very thin and sharp. The handles were wood that my dad carved to fit his hand. At the time my father waded clams there was no pollution in those areas.

(Sorry, no longer available)

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