Quality Conch Pearl

For sale is a quality conch pearl at 1.05 carats.

5 Conch Pearls
Quality Conch Pearl

5 Conch Pearls
1.05 Carat Conch Pearl

5 Conch Pearls
Conch Pearl

5 Conch Pearls
Pink Conch Pearl

Conch Pearl
1.05 Carat Conch Pearl

Color: Dark Pink
Shape: Oval
Weight: 1.05 carats
Size: 6mm x 5mm x 4mm


Conch pearls present a peculiar wavy appearance and a sheen somewhat like watered silk, a result of the reflections produced by the fibrous stellated structure. While many are beautifully lustrous, they are commonly deficient in orient, and the color is somewhat evanescent.

Most of the Bahama conch fishermen sell their catch of pearls at Nassau.

The value of conch pearls is as variable as their form, color, and size, and they are sold by the fishermen for a variety of prices which range quite high for large ones with exceptional form, color and luster.

There are two important materials that have occasionally been sold and mistaken for the conch pearl. First, the pale Italian, Japanese, or West Indian coral, with a color very closely approaching that of the pearl. By means of a lens it can readily be seen that the coral is in layers, and does not possess the concentric structure of the pearl, or the peculiar interwoven structure, with its characteristic sheen, so frequent in conch pearls.

Secondly, the pink conch shell in which the pearl itself is found; this is frequently cut to imitate the pearl and sold as such in the West Indies and elsewhere. This can also be detected by the fact that the layers are almost horizontal and the structure is not concentric or interwoven, as it is in the conch pearl, while the luster is more like that of the shell than that of the pearly nacre.

Information from Kunz's 1908 book of pearls.

Help me choose by comparing with another quality conch pearl.

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