Queen Helmet Cassis Pearl 2+ Carats

Queen Helmet Cassis Pearl 2.65CT

Queen Helmet Cassis Pearl 2.65CT

Type of pearl: Cassis Cornuta

Weight: 2.65CT

Shape: Egg

Size: 7.31 x 7.25 x 6.38mm

Color: Yellowish Brown

Location of Origin: Indonesia Sea

Memo Report From SKYLAB Indonesia

Story about this pearl:
We have checked these Conch Pearls at SKYLAB Indonesia as the only independent laboratory in Indonesia that can inspect pearls and can be traced online
How to check SKYLAB Indonesia certificate online:
1. Go to: skylabindonesia(dot)com/id/tracking/
2. Enter the last 6 digits of the certificate or memo report under “Nomor Memo / Sertifikat”
3. Enter the carat weight of the gem under “Berat / Carat”
4. Click “CEK”
5. You will see gem report details in English

Price: $366

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