Raising Abalone in China

Raising abalone in China

LOCALLY caught abalone should soon be appearing more regularly on the plates of Chinese consumers after a project to raise its profile in the market was launched recently.

The Abalone Council of Australia Ltd (ACA) in conjunction with the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) launched the Australian Wild Abalone China Project at the prestigious LAN Club in Shanghai recently.

With abalone considered a delicacy in China, it is hoped the project, which has started out in six top of the range restaurants, will eventually showcase high quality Australian abalone in 120 restaurants.

The groups engaged the Grey Group, a global research company, to help with the project and develop a strategy that will educate chefs and consumers that Australian wild abalone doesn't have to be consumed just at traditional cultural celebration events.

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The group believes there is a place for Australian wild abalone on the plates of many of the top end western and fusion restaurants in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, and not just the traditional Cantonese restaurants.

South Australian Abalone Industry Association president Jonas Woolford, who was among 14 abalone licence owners from Australia in China for the launch, said ensuring control over how Australian wild abalone enters the Chinese market was important in raising its profile and increasing its popularity.

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