RARE 18" Double Strand of Round Natural Basra Pearls - 65 Carats



Type of pearl: Natural Persian Gulf Basra Pearls

Weight: 65.1 Carats (13.02 Grams)

Shape: Round to Off Round

Size: 5.66 mm (largest) to 2.21 mm (smallest)

Color: White to Cream/Pinkish

Location of Origin: Bahrain

Clasp Metal Type: Copper

Unique Features: 18" Double Strand Necklace (17" Inside Strand; 18" Outside Strand) with Original Antique Copper Clasp; Total of 307 Pearls

The pearls have been x-rayed by EGL USA (see Pearl X-Ray Report) & have an appraised retail replacement value of $13,270 (EGL USA Consultation of Appraisal dated May 8, 2017 and will be mailed to Buyer with necklace & case). EGL USA was unable to verify that the smallest pearls (comprising less than 10% of the necklace) are natural without removing them from the strand (the pearls would need to be unstrung in order to see inside). However, I can assure any buyer that the smallest pearls are also natural Bahraini saltwater pearls. Because EGL was unable to verify the smallest pearls as natural, the appraised value is based on 90% of the pearls being natural saltwater pearls.

Certificate: EGL USA (US 313886301P)

Price: $5,270 SOLD!

This beautiful & lustrous double strand of NATURAL Bahraini Persian Gulf pearls was given to my mother by Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa while my parents were residing in Bahrain in the mid 1950's to mid 1960's (my father was working for BAPCO & was a frequent guest at the Emir's social events).

The pearl necklace comes with it's original red velvet covered box case from Mudaifa Jewellery in Bahrain (Al-Mudaifa Jewellery was a world renowned jeweler in Bahraini pearls & luxury items, & is still in business today). The interior of the box is padded & lined with soft velvet & silk, & has elastic straps to secure the necklace in place.

This is a truly RARE (ROUND Natural Basra Pearls) & exquisite vintage Bahrain Persian Gulf Natural Pearl necklace with a rich history as a gift from Bahrain's 1st Emir, Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa

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