Rare Quahog Pearl Found in Hudson Valley Restaurant

Rare Quahog Pearl Found in Hudson Valley Restaurant

Rare Quahog Pearl Found in Hudson Valley Restaurant

A customer was shocked after finding a huge surprise while dining at a popular Hudson Valley Italian restaurant.

With inflation the way it is, it's rare to experience a night out and feel like you actually got your money's worth. However, a lucky Hudson Valley family certainly isn't complaining after receiving a once-in-a-lifetime surprise while dining out.

Savona's Trattoria is one of the more popular restaurants in the Hudson Valley. While they pride themselves on their classic Italian dishes such as meatballs, eggplant, pasta and wood-fired pizza, Savona's is also known for its fresh seafood.

Some lucky customers found out just how fresh Savona's seafood is after hitting a literal jackpot while dining at the restaurant over the weekend.

Treasure Discovered in Hudson Valley Italian Dish
According to Savona's, a young customer discovered a perfectly round pearl in her order of steamed little neck clams. The restaurant posted images of the pearl on social media, explaining that the find was extremely rare.

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