Red Sea Pearl

by Suzy Nasr
(Cairo, Egypt)

1st oyster

1st oyster

My husband and I were on a one day trip to south Sinai a place called Ras Sedr in the Red Sea. We make sure we collect seashells when we travel anywhere. I always told him I know we will one day find a pearl in one of our trips. While we were swimming he found a closed oyster n he insisted that he would eat whats inside so we went quickly to our room and as he opened it a pearl just jumped right out and it was the best treat of the year. We went back to the beach hoping we would find another one while swimming and then I found a closed oyster again and told him am happy with the one we found already and wouldn't be sad of this one is empty. So we ran back to our room and decided to open it myself this time, and to our amazing surprise we found another gorgeous pearl AGAIN. He decided he will make me a necklace out of one of the pearls and another for our future daughter. I would love to know what kind of pearls are these beauties.

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Aug 05, 2017
Oh, my
by: Kari

Hello Suzy,

Oh, my, what are the chances of finding a pearl in each of the oysters! I'd say you hit an almost impossible "jack pot". Maybe you should keep looking!

Wow, and the one pearl looks almost perfect. It's hard to see the next pearl but also a beauty!

I would guess that maybe they are pinctada radiata from the looks of the shells. Do a search on the internet for those shells and see if they are the right ones. I'm not sure, it's just an educated guess.

So happy for you. It's really quite amazing and I'm glad you plan on enjoying them in necklaces.

I've swam in the Red Sea at Eilat, Israel, but didn't find any oysters....maybe next time. Such lovely water to swim in and colorful fish.

God bless and keep searching!

Thanks for sharing!

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