Retailers Reference Guide for Pearls by CIBJO

Download this free PDF file for a Retailers Reference Guide for Sellers of Pearls.

Includes valuable information about types of pearls, both natural and cultured and treatments of cultured pearls.

World Jewellery Confederation has launched a new website, which will serve as the platform of the second edition of the CIBJO Retailer’s Reference Guide, the valuable in-store resource for sales staff in retail jewellery outlets. Comprehensively updated, the Guide is being made available in interactive PDF format, and can be downloaded free of charge from the website.

Using the website, users can access online the full CIBJO Retailer’s Reference Guide, or its six sections individually. Alternatively, they can download them onto their computers or mobile devices, so that the Guide can be referenced and displayed offline. The interactive PDF format allows for easy navigation through its sections and pages.

“The typical user is a jewellery sales representative, who interacts directly with consumers in the store,” explained Jonathan Kendall. “Using a countertop computer or a tablet, they are immediately able to answer and elaborate on almost any question that the consumer may have about an item of jewellery, or the metals and gems of which it is comprised.”

“The Guide is beautifully designed, but it was never intended to be simply a coffee table book,” said Gaetano Cavalieri, CIBJO President. “It is first and foremost a sales tool, because it nurtures informed consumers, and informed consumers are confident consumers. We invite people to visit the new website, download the CIBJO Retailer’s Reference Guide at no cost, and then use it.”

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