Rolex Mother of Pearl Watches

Rolex mother of pearl watches DID YOU KNOW?

Rolex WatchRolex WatchRolex Watch

DID YOU KNOW? A Rolex watch played an important role in the "Great Escape"? Corporal Clive James Nutting, one of the organizers of the Great Escape ordered a stainless steel Rolex Oyster 3525 Chronograph valued at a current equivalent of £1200 by mail directly from Hans Wilsdorf in Geneva.

The watch is believed to have been ordered specifically to be used in the Great Escape, where as a chronograph it could have been used to time patrols of prison guards or time the 76 escapees through tunnel "Harry" on 24 March, 1944.

Nutting was only charged £15 pounds sterling for the watch.

DID YOU KNOW? A Rolex led to the solving of a true life murder mystery? In 1996 a body was pulled from the English channel. A Rolex wristwatch was the only identifiable object on the body and from that watch, police were able to identify the time of the murder, place of purchase, owner, and eventually catch the murderer.

DID YOU KNOW? Knock off Rolex mother of pearl brands are called, "Bolex", "Rolox" or "Folex".

DID YOU KNOW? Paul Newman has worn a Rolex Cosmograph "Daytona" since at least 1972 and the dial on certain rare Daytona watches is named after him.

DID YOU KNOW? Ian Fleming's James Bond character wore a stainless steel luminous dial Rolex Oyster Perpetual in the series of spy novels.

DID YOU KNOW? Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay carried a Rolex Oyster: 1953, altitude 8,848 m, Mount Everest.

DID YOU KNOW? Jacques Piccard wore his Rolex Oyster: 1960, Mariana Trench, to a depth of 11,000 m.

Sort of makes a person want to own a Rolex mother of pearl watch, right?

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