A 65" rope pearl necklace can be worn how many ways?

Well, try 21 ways for starters. Enjoy these 21 ideas for wearing a long rope pearl necklace.

rope pearl necklace

A customer of mine asked me to add 20 inches to an already long rope necklace. The result was a 65" long necklace. This type of jewelry takes us back to the days on Queen Elizabeth the First who normally wore 7 ropes of pearls every day. Read more about Queens in Pearls here.

My daughter, Sarah, and I had a fun afternoon figuring out 21 different ways to wear this fabulous necklace including just letting it hang down in one big swoop which isn't shown.

Necklaces like this rope necklace are becoming popular again as they were in the roaring 20's. Isn't it funny how fashions circle around. When I was a kid the small graduated faux pearls were a must for every young girl. I still have my old yellowed necklace from back then.

Fortunately, no one needs to wear faux pearls today if they'd rather have real pearls, because affordable pearl rope necklaces are available here on this page.

Enjoy my photos of these many fun and new ways to wear 65 inches of pure pearls. Then purchase your own and have a blast experimenting!

How do you wear a pearl rope?

Show off your creative ways of wearing a pearl rope!

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