Royal Blue Pearl Found in Bay of Fundy

by Marybeth

Royal Blue pearl found in Bay of Fundy

Royal Blue pearl found in Bay of Fundy

We found this in Nova Scotia in the Annapolis Basin in the Bay Of Fundy. Took it to a Gemologist who verified it was a pearl but was not an expert. He said it was between 15-16mm but thought we should have it checked out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Mar 11, 2021
Curious what became of this
by: Olivia

Hi Marybeth & Kari,

Beautiful pearl!I was curious if this is a scallop pearl? Or what the story was behind this? And What became of your find at the end of the day?


Jul 20, 2012
So beautiful
by: Kari

Hi Marybeth,

That is beautiful and if it is a natural pearl, it would be very, very rare because of its color and size. Thanks for including photos.

You should take or send it to GIA or EGL to have it certified. EGL also appraises in addition to certifying.

I have seen the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and remember wondering if anyone had found pearls in it, but since I was there in the wintertime, I wasn't about to do any looking myself. Actually, there was such a blizzard during my stay that flights were canceled and those of us who were stranded at the Halifax airport were given pillows and blankets and free floor space in the airport chapel! It was like one big slumber party.

I'd love to hear more about your pearl and hope it actually is one. I offer natural pearls for sale on my site on a commission basis. No fee to list. Please keep in touch!

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