Royal Pearls Recovered

Royal pearls recovered

When Prince William bought Kate Middleton a pair of pearl earrings for her 28th birthday, he carefully tracked down the finest and most expensive pair he could find.

But now he may be wishing he had not gone to so much trouble – after the precious antiques were eaten by Kate’s dog.

Otto, her beloved black cocker spaniel, chewed up the jewellery so badly that they were rendered unwearable – much to her consternation.

Kate was delighted on her birthday when her 27-year-old boyfriend presented her with a small ornate box containing the exquisite pair of cultured pearl stud earrings, which he had personally tracked down from a private dealer.

She told William she ‘adored’ them, and starting wearing them straight away.

But her delight turned to horror when, just days later, the earrings went missing from the ornamental dish on her bedside table where she kept them.

A friend said: ‘Kate flew into a panic. She was on the floor, looking under the bed, she searched the entire house but couldn’t find them.

'When she went back upstairs, she spotted that a couple of things on her bedside table had been moved around and the tube of handcream she keeps there had tooth marks in it.

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