Saint Lucretia- Green Vault, Dresden.

Saint Lucretia

Saint Lucretia

Saint Lucretia, probably Germany, before 1706. Baroque pearl, gold, enamel, ivory (base). H 4.8 cm. Green Vault, VI 83 o. © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

The three-quarter figure of the Lukretia, sitting in the manner of a play figure on the ivory pedestal, is characterized by its subtle workmanship. Her golden robe, covered with opaque turquoise enamel, reveals her beady body into which the tragic figure drills the dagger. On the back unfolds a wealth at this point unexpected miniature enamel work. In front of the white cloak with its colorful flower and stripe pattern, a large flower with translucent, melted leaves spreads out, which seems to sprout directly out of the tiny ivory pedestal.

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