Santa Cruz Island Tropical Paradise

Santa Cruz Island, while a tropical paradise, could easily use some of your, yes, your help and prayers.

Look, I want to help everyone....really, but that isn't physically or humanly possible. BUT, maybe YOU can.

Just think about Santa Cruz Island for a minute.

Do you have a skill at helping people find their business niche and a little free money you could loan as start up capital?

Can you quickly analyze a situation, see what local resources are available and put it together in a simple business package making it doable. Then, could you take it to the next level and give a little boost with marketing or at least finding a market for these products or services?

Well can help the folks on Santa Cruz Island break out of poverty and find a productive lifestyle where they in turn can help others.

Maybe you know how to start a pearl farm? Or know how to create things from shells or mangrove wood. Maybe this beautiful sand flecked with red coral could be melted into glass...the possibilities are endless. Imagine, naturally pink glass....maybe.

Could better fishing be done on Santa Cruz Island? Is there a local needle working skill that could be encouraged? Maybe there are budding artists who could paint watercolors or oil paintings of this gorgeous place.

I've been wracking my brain trying to figure this one out. Hey, these folks, who are only a 15 minute boat ride from main land Philippines have no electricity or running water. There's no need for that. WE can help. YOU can help.

Tourism, which helped these folks survive earlier is almost non-existent, since random terrorism has scared them off. We weren't particularly brave....the Lonely Planet said it was fine and the local tourism police provided a free machine gun wielding escort.

Pearl and shell item sales (things like fish pendants and rings) are sold on a 10% commission basis....not much on sparse sales when you're supporting a family.

Enjoy my slide show of their small village. Thankfully, because of a priest, the children do have a school. Sorry the sound didn't come through....but maybe that would have given a false light-hearted impression anyway.

These people sleep well at night, so maybe they are to be envied for that...after all, when was the last time you slept soundly through the night without worrying about your mortgage, some bill or needed car repair?

Something to think about. Contact me if interested in brainstorming about how to help or if you are up for an adventure of a lifetime.

At the Pool of Bethesda, Jesus only healed one man...maybe you could help one island.

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