SBI "The best kept secret on the web"

SBI is unbelievably affordable and easy to use...even fun.

My talents in the computer department are extremely limited...I still ask my 12-year-old to help me.

But with this program I've been able to put together this site. didn't cost me thousands of dollars...only a few hundred.

And I've earned many times that back through Google Adsense alone, not counting the pearls I've sold.

You may click on the above button to investigate Google Adsense for yourself.

The possibilities with SBI are literally endless. One is only limited by his or her imagination.

Not only do they provide site building tools with great support help, but there is an affiliate program which is free to join and will give you generous commissions when you promote and sell Solo Build It even if you don't own it yourself.

My site was started on March 2004, and a very rocky start it was. I was petrified, not only of making a site at all...but that someone would SEE that site.

This whole adventure has shaken me out of my comfort zone big time.

I'm trying my best to follow Site Built It thorough but easy to understand instructions and yes, things are going as Solo Build It predicted...namely, build good content pages with good keywords and the traffic will come. (Solo Build It automatically submits and resubmits one's website pages---one of its greatest features.)

Slowly but steadily my traffic had been building at a comfortable rate. After a couple of months of working not too hard on my site, (I'm a busy homeschooling mom) my traffic had reached the grand total of an average of 30 visitors/day...and I was pleased.

What I was not prepared for was the expontial growth available only with the world wide web.

Instead of throwing big bucks away on useless advertising (believe me, I know all about that) I decided to give something of value away free to my customers instead.

Since I like babies and want to promote motherhood and family (We have seven children of our own), I decided to give away free baby pearl bracelets on my site.

Orders were coming in slowly...about an average of 2-3/week. I'd sent out about 30 of them.

Then boom literally in one day I had 5,000 orders for free bracelets. (Another 1,000 came in the next day.) At first I thought it was a joke or someone spamming me big time, but the addresses were all unique.

My bracelets and Solo Build It were doing their work...advertising for me. The folks who received them started to talk about me on several freebie forums...and everyone wanted a free bracelet.

We were in shock. Was this good or bad? What was I praying for? Traffic. What did I get? Traffic.

That's not the end of the story--read about that memorable day here in a children's book I wrote about it....but I want to get on with giving you these really great tools so you also can become successful.

SBI is ideal for a small business owner Kari Pearls.

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