School Built with Hepburn Dress Proceeds

School Built With Hepburn Dress Proceeds
Feb 28, 12:35 PM EST
The Associated Press

BISHNUPUR, India -- A school in eastern India built with money raised in the auction of Audrey Hepburn's iconic black dress was inaugurated Wednesday by French author and philanthropist Dominique Lapierre.

Some 200 children will be able to attend the school in Bishnupur, a village nearly 30 miles south of Calcutta, the capital of the West Bengal state.

"I am very happy that my efforts are fructifying. Things are changing with more and more children going to school," Lapierre told cheering students.

The school is one of 15 to be built in the state with $807,000 paid by high bidder Givenchy, now a division of LVMH, at an auction in December at Christie's in London.

Lapierre had received the dress as a gift from designer Hubert de Givenchy. The company repurchased it to support both the City of Joy Foundation, run by Lapierre to help India's poor, and the heritage of the brand.

Read the entire article about a school built with Hepburn dress proceeds here.

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