Sea Unicorn with Two Satyrs

Sea unicorn with two satyrs on the can lid

Sea unicorn with two satyrs on the can lid

Sea unicorn with two satyrs on the can lid, probably Frankfurt, before 1725. Baroque pearls, silver, gold plated, gold, enamel, rubies, diamonds, glass. H 9.7 cm, base 10.0 x 7.9 cm. VI 117. Green Vault. © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

The association irregularly shaped pearls with sea monsters is already found in the jewelry art of the Renaissance, which has spawned a variety of trailers with Tritons, sirens or fish-tailed kite. Also in the graph of the time is a preference for such fantastic hybrid creatures determined. Figures such as the elephant seal or sea-unicorn remember the cute monster in the 1610 published book Neuw grotesques at the Nuremberg goldsmith and engraver Christoph Jamnitzer, exercised its far-reaching influence on the work of art. In this Perlpretiose the sea unicorn, symbol of chastity and purity, two satyrs are compared, which are available for nature and untamed lust. One of bocksbeinigen being tried with the hanging of a (lost) fishing glass grape (now the bridle hanging) the Unicorn take for himself - what he would hardly succeed, for the mythical beast could be tamed only by a virgin, he in whose womb lay his head.

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