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by: Anonymous

Ssef is doing a fantastic job. For evaluating and certification of the natural pearls from saltwater.

If keshi enters the market it will jepordize the whole pearl market.

Keshi are by product of culture and it should not be considered natural at all.

I think not
by: Anonymous

I have friends who think both ways on this. I was recently surprised to have a long time pearl dealer say that keshi pearls should be considered natural.

I think not. I agree with the SSEF that the natural pearl market needs to be protected from allowing keshi pearls to receive natural certificates. I'm glad that they are working towards this goal.

There is, however, a problem with the labs not being able to distinguish genuinely natural pearls as genuinely natural. Maybe this is because of an over reaction to the flood of keshi pearls sent in for testing.

Somehow, I hope all this can get sorted out agreeably.

Thanks for posting the interesting article.

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