Stone Crab Pearl?

by John Lowman
(The Facts)

BAY CITY — Crab tooth or a pearl, Paula Miller thinks it’s a keeper.

The Bay City resident was dining on stone crab claws over the weekend, and after digging out a decent dollop of the delectable delicacy, she dove in.

Crab isn’t supposed to crunch.

Miller investigated and found what appeared to be a popcorn kernel in her container of crustacean.

“It was about that size, and had kind of a film on it,” she said. “I thought it was a piece of shell at first, but it wasn’t. I washed it off and it’s a pearl. There was a pearl inside that crab claw.”

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Apr 30, 2018
Stone crab pearls - 2 of them
by: Anonymous

Found 3 this morning in my stone crab claws!

Mar 14, 2008
Interesting article
by: Kari

I've moved this here to a new slot for "crab pearls" since we've had a few submissions now with folks finging these.

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