Struggling Thai Fisherman Finds Rare Melo Pearl

Struggling Thai Fisherman Finds Rare Melo Pearl

Struggling Thai Fisherman Finds Rare Melo Pearl

If you’re still looking for a romantic Valentine’s gift for your partner, how about a super rare Melo pearl? At $332,762, this particular one isn’t exactly cheap, but it does come with quite the backstory.

Struggling fisherman Hatchai Niyomdecha was picking up oyster shells with his family last month when they stumbled upon three beautiful shells sticking to a discarded buoy ball.

The 37-year-old and his brother picked the shells off the ball and took them home. They gave them to their father Angmad, then asked for a little help with the cleaning. When the pensioner had opened the third shell, he found something brilliant: an orange pearl slightly bigger than a US quarter.

He called his wife and two boys to inspect the beautiful 7.68-gram precious item. It turned out the fishing family had an extremely expensive pearl from a large snail, the Melo Melo, on their hands.

Hatchai, who spotted the shells, says he had a strange dream a few days before finding the gem: “An old man in white with a long mustache told me to come to the beach so I can receive a gift. I think he led me to finding the pearl.


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