Texas Pearler

by Pearler

In 1996, I went thru a terrible divorce.

Thru my healing of I met a Lakota medicine man.We became fast friends and one day he told me of a treasure in Texas few are aware of and in my 40yrs as a Texan had never heard of-Texas freshwater pearls.

My first try and i found a 3mm metallic blue pearl,one of the rarest of the pearls.

I was hooked and my trilogy of pearling began.I lived on the Brazos river for 6 months moving up and down it seeing wildlife of every sort imaginable even ostrich gone wild...

They say the freshwater mussels do not make black pearls(in Texas) and I found a three colored 13x 11 mm blister pearl that is black, lavender and amber colored. I carefully cut it out of the shell and had it filled as it is hollow and am currently pondering a setting for it to give to my wife.

Thru the years of hunting the tampico pearly mussel I have found the reason for the making of pearls. I also found they imbed the pearls into their shell and that they can re-soften their shell to imbed the pearls. They make the lustrous pearls for the inner shell and the brown/tan pearls for the outer shell. The blister pearls are made by them putting decaying river material between the shell and the pressure of the methane gas, blows a bubble which we call "blister".

I could go on awhile of my studies and will have my partner upload some pics of my findings.

To me mussels are a most fascinating creature.
I even trick them out of their pearls so as to not have to destroy them :).

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Dec 01, 2019
by: Jazz_Jazz

Q#1: how do you "trick " the mollusks to open? Q#2: is that an activity open to the public?

Aug 16, 2019
New to this
by: Anonymous

I’m new to Texas and so amazed at the variety of ecoregions it has to offer. I’m interested in learning more about rockhounding and finding pearls while being as conscientious as possible. I don’t want to upset any conservation efforts or bother threatened species. My family and I just can’t believe how fun it’s been and how much we've learned while visiting different parks and beaches. It’s become something special we can all do together. However, we’d like to step it up a notch and get digging and diving or whatever!
If there is any information you could pass on that might help me get started on the right foot that would be awesome! -Books/ places/ websites - anything!

Jun 20, 2012
a lure
by: pearler

not sure how all this works.
Just waned to say thanks to you ms. Kari forthe thought and effort:).
i chat on a california forum and a chatter took their grandson fishing for the first time.
Being a "grandpa" for the first time,2 weeks back,myself.i decded to over my forum friend,a couple of "mother of pearl" fishin lures.
I have been working on them for a couple of years.The excitment for me is this is the first time they will be tested in the waters against fish!

Jun 18, 2012
I love hearing about pearling
by: Kari

I love hearing about folks who are passionate about pearling. There are still so many amazing gems out there for the taking. We have friends who live on the Brazos and while I don't think they look for pearls, they do have the most amazing fossil collection I've ever seen. They shared an over sized snail fossil with me and its one of my treasures. Now, you are sharing your pearl treasures from the same river.

Thanks for sharing.

Pearler's unique pearl is for sale here.

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