The Date Night Shocker Crab Pearl

by Amy
(Clearfield, IA USA)

I was resently eating out with my husband on a much needed date away from our children. I ordered King Crab Legs as my meal. A bit later here comes three huge claws for me to devour. I had eaten the first two with nothing unusual about. On my third claw, I was having the hardest time breaking the shell. After much work I had gotten the leg eaten and onto the claw. As I was eating the only difference to me was a bit fishier taste. I didn't think to much of it because it seemed to be an older crab with the trouble I had breaking the shell. I got a mouth full of meat and chewed away on it until I bit into something hard. I worked it around my mouth to get it seperated and spat it out. It was what looked like a Pearl! My husband just laughed at me and told me it had to be cartlage or something. I showed my waitress and she was in disbelief! She had told me that she had heard of that happening but had never seen it before. I brought the pearl home with my husband laughing about it still. To me it looks a little off-whiteish with a few divits in it from my teeth. The crab pearl is about the size of a pencil eraser.

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Mar 22, 2010
Special night surprise
by: Kari

Congratulations on your date night shocker. I'm glad you found this place to share your find and add it to the growing list of those who find crab pearls. Someone on here suggested making a necklace. I would like to see a crab pearl in person sometime. Maybe if I started eating crab legs...I could at least up my chances of finding one then.

Thank you for sharing. If you want to add a photo, just upload it on a new page and remind me it's you and I'll add it to your pages.

God bless!

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