‘The Dive of Seven Livelihoods’ - how pearl-diving in UAE served for thousands of years as the cornerstone of income and wealth

by Ahmad Mohammad Bin Thani

UAE author delves deep into lost world of pearl diving

and uses wealth of personal and documented knowledge.

Dubai: Deep insights from the epic pearl-diving past of the Emirati people have been brought to the surface in a revealing new book by a UAE national.

The rapid decline of this oceanic way of life under the transformational weight of modernity has left behind both tangible and cultural relics – a legacy valued as a national treasure by Emiratis.

The new book uncovers both these aspects, from the odes of fearless peal divers to the craftsmanship of the trade.
Early memories

Here the book’s author Bin Thani, who is a helicopter pilot with Dubai Police, explains how his childhood inspired and influenced his writings.

Read entire article here: https://gulfnews.com/uae/uae-author-delves-deep-into-lost-world-of-pearl-diving-1.71930238

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