The "PEARL" sculpture by BREAKFAST - The World's Largest Kinetic Art Sculpture


The "PEARL" sculpture by BREAKFAST

"The Pearl", conceived and created by the artist BREAKFAST, stands as a testament to the convergence of art and technology, a sculpture that is both monumental in scale and intricate in its execution. Nearly 3,000 computer-driven kinetic tiles form this 45-foot-tall (13.7 meters) and 53-foot-diameter (16 meters) artwork. Its uniqueness lies not just in its size, but in its ability to capture and reflect the essence of the sea. Mimicking the rolling waves, gentle breezes, shooting stars, and the dynamic ocean surface, The Pearl brings the tranquility and unpredictability of the sea to life.

The tiles, arranged in a Fibonacci sequence reminiscent of patterns found in marine life, move with a fluidity that evokes the ocean's natural rhythms. Intriguingly, several of these movements are influenced by real-time tidal and wind data from the Caribbean, allowing the sculpture to transform in response to its environmental conditions—ranging from serene to vibrant.

The creation of The Pearl is a story of dedication and innovation. It took the artist collective BREAKFAST over four years of conceptualization, design, and fabrication, with each component being meticulously custom-made. This commitment to craftsmanship and detail is palpable in the artwork's presence.

The Pearl is not just a sculpture but an immersive experience, inviting viewers to not only observe but to feel the pulse of the ocean's eternal dance.

The sculpture can be found on Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas.


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