Thiers Necklace

Thiers Necklace consists of 145 pearls in three rows.

In the galleries of the Louvre at Paris may be seen a pearl necklace formerly owned by the wife of President Thiers (1797-1887), consisting of 145 pearls in three rows. The weights of the three largest individual pearls are fifty-one, thirty-nine, and thirty-six grains, respectively.

The aggregate weight is 2079 grains, and the value at the time of their deposit was estimated at 300,000 francs.

This is on a base of $2.02; at a higher valuation the figures would be:

$148,947=$71.64 per grain; base, $5
$238,315=$114.3 per grain; base, $8

The last is very probably nearer to the correct value of the necklace at the present time. (1908)

Information from 1908 on Thiers Necklace as recorded by Kunz and Stevenson in "The Book of the Pearl".

I don't know if this necklace is still on display in the Louvre. I was just there recently and didn't know to look for it...but then I was sort of "under the weather" too and lacked the vitality for lots of searching. Have you ever been to the Louvre? It's huge! By the way, if you go there, you can carry around a bottle of water, but not pop. And it helps to know what you'd like to see. Doing some research ahead of time will pay off. There's no way you could see it all in one plan on spending some time or several visits there.

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