Tiffany natural pearl ring

by Suji
(NYC )

Hi. I am big into natural pearls. I found one beautiful ring at Tiffanys, the sales person told me it is a natural ring. It is nice size ring and I fell in love with it. But the price was around $7000. Is this worth the money or investment? Would it be truely natural pearl? Should i get it appraise it right after i purchase this? Please help me on this. I have asked my husband for our anniversary gift. But if it is not worth the price, I have to rethink about it.

Happy New Year! Thanks


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Jan 11, 2017
Should come with a certificate if natural
by: Kari

Hello Suji,

Thanks for your question and photo. If that is natural, as in not cultured, pearl, then Tiffanys should provide a certificate for it.

Sometimes sales persons use the term "natural" to mean "not man made". In that sense, even cultured pearls are "natural", as they are not artificial, but a true natural pearl should have a GIA certificate or other gem lab certificate.

Otherwise, I would be careful before purchasing.

If they're asking $7,000, it is certainly worth the cost of a certificate.

I hope that helps

Nice ring but be careful.

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