Today is a Special Day!

by Karen Augustsson
(Frederick, MD)

My everyday pearls

My everyday pearls

Isn't it strange that pearls can cause so much delight? That these small bits of nature can create so much delight and wonderment. Maybe if "random acts of kindness" produced a pearl there would be less violence and more love and consideration for mankind.

How could someone who adores pearls so much, such as myself pick one particular pearl or one particular piece of jewelry made with these tiny gems of the sea?

Pearls remind me of a story I read one time, I'm sure it was a romance book that I read in high school and odd that just a few lines in that book have stuck with me all my life. Preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner, the table was adorned with the finest lace table cloth and the special occasion linens. Then on top of the linens would come next the fine china passed from generation to generation, accompanied with the fine hand cut crystal. "Be careful" the mother says, those pieces have been in the family for many many years. Thinking nothing of the 3 strand pearls and screw back earrings that she had chosen to wear for the day that had been in the family for many years as well.

Today is a special day that God has graced us with....dig the precious pearls out today everyday and wear them!!! What are you saving them for? What are we saving the china and fine crystal for?

Use them, serve your Saturday pancakes on the fine china while wearing the generations old pearls. Yes, of course to have these things on display is nice, but I'm sure that when the person who was creating these items, they were thinking they would be used.

I made a pearl, swarovski crystal and cloisonne bead bracelet and yes, I wear it everyday. I managed to find the tiniest little spacer rings in sterling to keep the pearls from rubbing the crystals.

When I married I wore a 48" inch strand of pearls (my something borrowed from my Mother). Someday I will have the pleasure of choosing my own 48" strand to wear one day.

I may not be in the best of health but God gave me this day to wear pearls and that I will do. I would love to put on a pretty summer dress, a 48" strand of pearls and go to the local coffee shop and sip fine coffee flaunting the gems of the sea. Until then I'll wear my pearls everyday, I don't have favorites...I love them all.

God Bless you and enjoy this day God has given you.

Karen S Augustsson

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Mar 30, 2010
by: Freeman

hello, I like the pearls also, I am in china

Jun 23, 2008
by: Kari

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the neat story and exhortation to enjoy today. You're right, all we really have is today, the rest is a mystery and hopefully will be ours too, but we never know exactly about the tomorrows, we might as well enjoy our todays to the fullest.

You're a great example of that!

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