Torsade rice pearls (genuine rice krispies pearls)

by Linda G. Liang
(New York, NY)

Dear People at KariPearls,

My aunt and mother used to string pearls, a skill

that I haven't yet acquired. And, they purchased all

kinds of pearls, in bulk. As a result, we have access to

many types of pearls, and at this point I am seriously

thinking of buying a ritcher box to display them.

I have on hand 8 strands of rice pearls that were

strung up at Gump's in San Francisco, CA. It is about

17-18" log, if you don't twist it. There are two (2)

jumper rings, one on either end, so that you can join

it together It is very 1980's, I suppose. One can add

additional strands of pearls or colored stones for more

color to thicken the torsade.

I have no idea what it's worth today.


Linda G. Liang
GIA student

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Jul 13, 2011
Lucky Lady
by: Kari

Hi Linda,

You are a lucky lady to have a stash of pearls from your aunt & mother who obviously had a love of pearls.

I'm sure once you start knotting yourself, you will have a blast.

Your rice crispy 8 strand necklace sounds wonderful. I'm a big fan of multiple stands of smaller pearls and one of my favorite necklaces is 12 strands of seed pearls twisted close to the neck.

It always brings many compliments.

The rice crispy shaped pearls are what came out of China during the early days of culturing pearls. Now, they have refined the process and not longer are we limited to the odd shaped small pearls, but high quality freshwater pearls as well.

If you make a new post with photos I will add them to this page for you.

We'd love to see photos!

Forgive my delay in responding...sometimes I get behind on these things.

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