Turkey Made of Pearls and Nautilus Shell

Turkey Made of Pearls and Nautilus Shell

MANILA, Philippines -- Greenbelt 5’s Home Section (located on the establishment’s third floor), is a haven for interior designers and architects. There are several stores here that showcase such classy and unique products. Among them is Arden Classic Inc. The store is owned by Jen and Arden Siarot. The couple is based in Cebu City; Arden is an electrical engineer while Jen is an accountant. They established Arden Classics in 1997.

The store in Greenbelt sells numerous handcrafted furniture and accessories for the house. The merchandise was designed byArden himself. His creativity, he explains, was honed when he worked for an Italian jeweler at the Mactan Export Processing Zone. For many years, he learned the way the Italians worked and how they produced products that were up to international standards. This inspired Arden who decided to establish his own manufacturing firm.

“Our first products were picture frames and boxes,” says Jen. Later on, they began supplying miniature metal furniture to local department stores and fabricating intricate brass furniture and accessories — which eventually became their ticket to the highly-competitive international home furnishing market.

In 2002, or just five years after the company’s establishment, Arden Classics received a Golden Shell Award for Manufacturing Excellence for the company’s expert and ingenious use of materials as well as for its cost-saving innovative tools and machinery. The award was given by the Department of Trade and Industries through the Center of International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM). Arden was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Outstanding Filipino Worker Award for contribution to the economic growth of the country. He was also named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003 by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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