Two Pearls Found in Clam Chowder

Two Pearls Found in Clam Chowder

Two Pearls Found in Clam Chowder

In a vanishingly unlikely turn of events, Boston woman Audine Ike says she has now found two pearls in Hub seafood in the past few years.

Well, technically her boyfriend Brian found this latest one, but he’s not a big fan of the limelight and doesn’t really want his full name in the paper. But he isn’t shellfish — err, selfish — with the credit, and she was there and had just wrapped up retelling the tale of her first pearl find when his clam chowder revealed its prize.

Ike, a London native, had just moved to Boston a year earlier, when in October 2017 she organized a cocktail hour for a company symposium. Once she got the event up and going, she grabbed the biggest oyster she could find, and looked to slurp it down — when she bit something so hard it hurt her teeth.

She spat it out into her hand, assuming it was just part of the shell, only to find it was “this beautiful, tiny pearl, perfectly round,” she told the Herald at the time. A couple of the local TV stations also interviewed her.


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